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  1. 150 RACE RECORD & dixie record COLLECTION, of records from the past

    August 7, 2016 by admin

    150 RACE RECORD & dixie record COLLECTION, of records from the past

    150 RACE RECORD & dixie record COLLECTION, of records from the past
    SOME OF THESE RECORD MIGHT BE DISTURBING TO SOME PEOPLE AND I APOLOGIZE IF YOU FEEL THAT WAY, HOWEVER, THE TITLES OF SOME OF THESE RECORDS WERE HOW LIFE WAS IN THE FIRST PART OF THE 20TH CENTURY EVEN THOUGH IT WAS DISCRIMINATION. THIS IS PART OF AMERICANA HISTORY AND THE PAST IS THE PAST, I DO APOLOGIZE TO ANYONE IF THEY FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE. THEY ARE BOXED, AND TAPED TOGETHER USING CHIPBOARD AND BUBBLEWRAP. THEY WILL BE INSURED, SO THAT IF ANYTHING HAPPENS, YOU CAN MAKE A CLAIM AT YOUR POST OFFICE. THATS HOW IT IS DONE IF SOMETHING DOES HAPPEN. I HAVE HAD GOOD LUCK SENDING THESE RECORDS ALL OVER THE COUNTRY AND THE WORLD THIS WAY. VICTOR, WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN IN DIXIE PEERLESS QUARTET, HAWAIIAN BUTTERFLY, STERLING TRIO. VICTOR, I’D LOVE TO FALL ASLEEP AND WAKE UP IN MY MAMMY’S ARMS, THE BENSON ORCHESTRA OF CHICAGO, FAIR ONE. VICTOR, ALL THAT I NEED IS YOU, CLUB ROYAL ORCHESTRA, GRANNY YOU’RE MY MAMMY’S MAMMY. HEAVE DAT COTTON, HARRY C. BROWNE GWINE TO RUN ALL NIGHT. VICTOR, I WANT MY MAMMY -MANDY “N”ME, JOSEPH C. VICTOR, MAMMY’S LULLABY, JOSEPH C. SMITH, SWEET HAWAIIAN MOONLIGHT. VICTOR, I’D LOVE TO FALL ASLEEP AND WAKE UP IN MY MAMMY’S ARMS, PEERLESS QUARTET, TIRED OF ME , HENRY BURR. COLUMBIA, THE RED LANTERN, WALDORF ASTORIA DANCE ORCHESTRA, MAMMY’S LULLABY. EDISON , DIXIE MEDLEY, INFANTA MARCH. COLUMBIA, HAPPY DAYS IN DIXIE, PRINCE’S ORCHESTRA, SMOKY MOKES. VICTOR, EMANCIPATION HANDICAP, COLLINS AND HARLAN, AT THE OLD PLANTATION BALL. COLUMBIA, TO-MORROW, I’LL BE IN MY DIXIE HOME AGAINTED LEWIS AND HIS BAND, HOMESICK. VICTOR, MOBILE MINSTRELS, VICTOR MINSTREL COMPANY, PICKIN’ COTTON COLLINS AND HARLAN. VICTOR, I NEVER HAD A MAMMY, THE DUNCAN SISTERS, REMEMB’RING. COLUMBIA, I’M COMING BACK TO DIXIE AND YOU, FRANK CRUMIT KENTUCKY, BENNY DAVIS. COLUMBIA, OPEN UP THE GOLDEN GATES TO DIXIELAND, VAN AND SCHENCK , GRANNY, ADELE ROWLAND. GENUINE EDISON BELL, BELL DISC, DOWN IN JUNGLE TOWN, ROYAL COURT ORCHESTRA, RENDEZVOUS. COLUMBIA, THERE’S A LUMP OF SUBAR DOWN IN DIXIE, AL JOLSON, YOU CAN FIND A LITTLE BIT OF DIXIELAND CAMPBELL AND BURR. COLUMBIA, AIN’T YOU COMING BACK TO DIXIELAND, GEORGE H. O’CONNOR, IF YOU HAD ALL THE WORLD AND IT’S GOLD, JIM DOHERTY. VICTOR, LITTLE COTTON DOLLY, SHANNON QUARTET, KENTUCKY BABE. VICTOR, LI’L’ LIZA JANE, EARL FULLER’S FAMOUS JAZZ BAND, COON BAND CONTEST. VICTOR, PICK ME UP AND LAY ME DOWN IN DEAR OLD DIXIELAND, CLUB ROYAL ORCHESTRA. VICTOR, I’D LOVE TO FALL ASLEEP AND WAKE UP IN MY MAMMY’S ARMS PEERLESS QUARTET, TIRED OF ME , HENRY BURR. REGAL, MY MAMMY, GOTHAMS’ FAVORITES , JUST WE TWO XYLO -SPECIALTY ORCHESTRA. SMITH ORCHESTRA, SWEET HAWAIIAN MOONLIGHT. VICTOR, OLD BLACK JOE, PEERLESS QUARTET, ONE SIDED RECORD. VICTOR, WEEP NO MORE MY MAMMY , PAUL WHITEMAN, APRIL SHOWERS. VICTOR, MAMMY GINNY’S JUBILEE , COLLINS AND HARLAN, SAILING DOWN THE CHESAPEAKE BAY , AMERICAN QUARTET. VICTOR, I’M WAITING FOR YOU LIZA JANE, VERNON DALHART, MAMMY MINE , STERLING TRIO. COLUMBIA, INDIANA LULLABY, BILLY JONES AND EARNEST HARE, DON’T LEAVE ME MAMMY, CHARLES HART AND ELLIOTT SHAW. VICTOR, STRUTTER’S BALL, SIX BROWN BROTHERS, RAZZBERRIES , VAN EPS TRIO. Silvertone, souvenir de moscow, albert bellson massa’s in de cold cold ground. Victor, i never had a mammy, the duncan sisters, rememb’ring. Victor, old black joe, massa’s in de cold, cold ground, conway’s bandold folds at home. Victor, casey jones, billy murray and american quartet, moonlight in jungleland. Victor, mammy o mine, adele rowland , when you see another sweetie hanging around. Victor, folks up willow creek, conway’s band, uncle tom’s cabin. Victor, when you sang “hush a bye baby ” to me, sterling trio , mammy’s chocolate soldier , marion harris. Edison, de sandman, de drum, criterion quartet, old black joe. Victor, school days, byron g. Harlan , negro wedding in southern georgia , peerless quartet. Victor, angel child, the benson orchestra of chicago , my mammy knows. Victor, rememb’ring , the duncan sisters, i never had a mammy. Columbia, pick me up and lay me down (in dear old dixieland), vernon dalhart , alabamy mammy charles hart and elliott shaw. Victor, it ain’t gonna rain no mo’, international novelty orchestra, hayseed rag, the dizzy trio. Victor, down in arkansaw, pee wee myers and ford hanford , my old kentucky home and old black joe , ford hanford. Victor, in the hills of old kentucky, campbell and burr, i’m coming back to dixie and you , peerless quartet. Victrola, old black joe, this is a 12 inch record, alma gluck, one sided record. Amos’n’ andy, in a book with the drawings of the faces of amos n andy, amos explains, the lord’s prayer, andy and the kingfish learn about politics. Edison, down in the jungle land, colllins and harlan, indianola billy murray. Columbia, i want my mammy, vernon dalhart and al bernard, that’s how i believe in you , edwin dale. Victor, granny you’re my mammy’s mammy, club royal orchestra, all that i need is you. Pathe, the minstrel boy, reed miller, i’ll take you home agin, kathleen. Actuelle, coal black mammy, majestic dance orchestra, tricks. Victor, my mammy knows, the benson orchestra of chicago angel child. Victor, officer of the day march, arthur pryor’s band , king cotton march. Victor, mammy o’mine , joseph c. Victor, mammy’s chocolate soldier, marion harris, when you sang hush a bye baby to me , sterling trio. Victor, turkey in the straw, pietro, russian rag. Columbia, my mammy, yerkes jazarimba orchestra, do you ever think of me? Victor, my mammy, peerless quartet, underneath hawaiian skies , albert campbell-henry burr. Columbia, open up the golden gates to dixieland, van and schenck , granny, adele howard. Edison, dixie is dixie once more, premier quartet, take me to the land of jazz, bert harvey (hard to see the name, could be something else). Brunswick, my mammy knows, isham jones orchestra, just a little love song. Columbia, little alabama coon, ferera and greenus, the missouri waltz , louise, ferera and greenus. Puritan, carolina mammy, vernon dalhart, barney google, jones and hare. 69, columbia, liza jane, campbell and burr , come along ma honey , henry burr and broadway quartette. Columbia, i’d love to fall asleep and wake up in my mammy’s arms, harry fox, rockaby lullaby mammy. Columbia, my mammy, Columbia stellar quartette, i’m missin’ mammy’s kissin’ , the harmonizers. Victor, i’d love to fall asleep and wake up in my mammy’s arms , peerless quartet , tired of me , henry burr. Columbia, pick me up and lay me down(in dear old Dixieland) the happy six, those longing for you blues , frank westphal and his rainbow orchestra. Victor, turkey in the straw, billy golden, nigger loves his possum. Vicor scroll, , sam’s speech at the colored lodge, sam’n’ henry, ten p. Wgn, sam’n’ henry at the fortune tellers. Victor, stealing, joseph c. Smith, I want my mammy -mandy’n’ me. Columbia, I lost my heart in Dixieland, harry fox, bless my swanee river home. Brunswick, I want my mammy, ernest hare, Georgia rose, james craven. Victor, I never had a mammy, the Duncan sisters, rememb’ring. Vicor, strutters ball, six brown brothers, razzberries , van eps trio. Columbia, my swanee home, sterling trio, my sugar -coated chocolate boy, Campbell and burr. Victor, i’d love to fall asleep and wake up in my mammy’s arms, the benson orchestra of Chicago fair one. Columbia, rock a bye your baby with a Dixie melody, al jolson , alice i’m in wonderland , sterling trio. Emerson, they call it the Dixie blues bert Harvey, afganistan, premier-American quartet. Vicgor, turkey in the straw, pietro, Russian rag. Okeh, Dixie is Dixie once more, premier-American quartet, golden wedding jubilee. Victor, i’m coming back to Dixie and you, peerless quartet , in the hills of old Kentucky. Brunswick, little cotton dolly, criterion quartet, Kentucky babe. Columbia, are you from Dixie? Peerless quartette, my lady of the telephone , sam ash and mixed quintette. Victor, humming, paul whiteman, my mammy. Columbia, carry me back to old virginny, stellar quartette , old black joe. Victor, the preacher and the bear, Arthur Collins, bake dat chicken pie , Collins and Harlan. Victor, in monkey land, Collins and Harlan, one sided record 2 of these. Brunswick, my mammy knows, isham jones orchestra just a little love song. Rca, the jungle king, count basie, I ain’t mad at you. Rca, the dark town poker club, phil harris, that’s what I like about the south. Edison, Dixie is Dixie once more, premium quartet , take me to the land of Dixie. Columbia, I love the land of old black joe, van and schenck so this is paris. Columbia, turkey in the straw, jazarimba orchestra, hello, America , hello. Edison, the colored recruit, Collins and Harlan, whistling coon. I’m gwine back to Dixie, maggie teyte and the lyric male quartet, my curly headed baby , Maggie teyte. Brunswick, weep no more my mammy, carl fenton’s orchestra, leave me with a smile. Columbia, the sheik, ray miller and his black and white melody boys, , weep no more(my mammy). Victor, in Dixie land with Dixie lou “that girl” quartet, senorita. Victor, hush-a-bye, baby mine, elsie baker, mammy dear. Edison, the preacher and the bear, Arthur Collins, a coon possum hunt. Edison, little cotton dolly, criterion quartet , honey, i wants yer now. Columbia, the hospital patient, golden and Marlowe, darky’s oration on women. Linden, darktown strutters ball, bob Harvey, alexander’s ragtime band. Edison, floatin’ down to cotton town premium quartet, you’re my girl, al Bernard and earnest hare. Victor, Dixie jass band, original Dixieland’jass band, livery stable blues. Edison, longing for my Dixie home, harvey hindermyer, hush a bye my baby marion evelyn cox and Vernon Dalhart. Rca, the dark town poker club, phil harris, that’s what i like about the south. Victor, alabama moon, olive kline , elsie baker, that naughty waltz. 116, victor, huckleberry finn, van and schenck , mulberry rose. Brunswick, minstrel boy, theo karle, when irish eyes are smiling, theo karle and crescent trio. VICTOR, DOWN AT THE HUSKIN BEE, COLLINS AND HARLAN, THE HAT MY FATHER WORE ON ST. PATRICK’S DAY BILLY MURRAY AND HAYDEN QUARTET. NATIONAL MUSIC LOVERS OLD BLACK JOE, STELLAR QUARTETTELULLABY FROM ERMINE GLADYS RICE. COLUMBIA, AUNTI SKINNER’S CHICKEN DINNER, COLLINS AND HARLAN, DOODLE OODLE LEE. Cameo, coal black mammy, velvetone dance orchestra, i gave you up just before you threw me down. 122, edison, i like it (intro my mammy) all for you, harry raderman’s jazz orchestra. Edison, the colored recruit, , coon vaudeville sketch with banjo , golden and (name is illegible) whistling coon, illegible names. Ara, the dark town poker club, phil harris and orchestra, jelly bean 2 of these. Columbia, massa’s in the cold cold ground, carroll c. Clark , carry me back to tennessee. Sacred records, how did you feel when you came out of the wilderness, lacy colored gospel singers, just a closer walk with thee. Brunswick, jack tar march, brunswick military march, national emblem march. Rca, the preacher and the bear, phil harris, flip side is illegible. Rca, when the blues were born in new orleans , phil harris, rugged but right. Victor, mammy o’ mine , joseph c. Decca, my mammy, al jolson, sonny boy 3 of these. Victor, my mammy, peerless quartet, underneath Hawaiian skies , albert Campbell henry burr. Victor, I want my mammy, peerless quartet, mandy’ n me , American quartet. Victor, anything is nice if it comes from Dixieland, American quartet, eyes that say “i love you”. Irving and jack kaufman. Victor, broadway rose, original Dixieland jazz band, sweet mamma. Columbia, happy days in Dixie, prince’s orchestra, smokey mokes. Edison, my mammy, premier quartet, look for the silver lining, sally, betsy lane sheperd and lewis james. Edison, songs we used to sing in Dixieland, merle alcock, answer , Thomas chalmers. Edison, when uncle joe plays a rag on his old banjo, (coon song) Flanagan and his motor car. Edison, Dixie medley, infanta march. Columbia rockabye lullaby mammy, harry fox, i’d love to fall asleep and wake up in my mammy’s arms. Columbia, black label, that’s my mammy! The radiolites, little log cabin of dreams, Gerald marks. Famous, Carolina mammy, Vernon Dalhart barney google, jomes and hare. Ara, the dark town poker club, phil harris, jelly bean. Ara, the dark town poker club phil harrs, jelly bean. Victor, turkey in the straw, vess l. Ossman, auld lang syne, westminister chimes. Silvertone, turkey in the straw , billy golden, the mocking bird. Standard, turkey in the straw, darrell fischer and his log jammers, listen to the mocking bird. Victor, dreamy alabama, charles hart lewis james, the music of wedding chimes, charles hart. Victor, margie, original dixieland jazz band, palesteena. Puritan, mammy o’mine, j. Columbia, two negro stories, the head waiter , the colored social club , nat m. Wills, no news, or, what killed the dog. The item “150 RACE RECORD & dixie record COLLECTION, of records from the past” is in sale since Sunday, August 07, 2016. This item is in the category “Music\Records”. The seller is “lousyphotos” and is located in Orland Park, Illinois. This item can be shipped to United States.
    • Speed: 78 RPM
    • Record Size: 10″ and 12 inch

    150 RACE RECORD & dixie record COLLECTION, of records from the past