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  1. Warped Vinyl Records Can Be Fixed Furutech Record Flattener Review What Can And Cannot Be Fixed

    November 18, 2020 by admin


  2. Furutech DF-2 Flatten Fix Straighten repair warped records 45 LP vinyl Discs

    October 18, 2017 by admin

    Furutech DF-2 Flatten Fix Straighten repair warped records 45 LP vinyl Discs
    Furutech DF-2 Flatten Fix Straighten repair warped records 45 LP vinyl Discs

    Furutech DF-2 Flatten Fix Straighten repair warped records 45 LP vinyl Discs
    FURUTECH – DF2 LP Flattener. Do you have a priceless record that is warped and unplayable? Than you need this! Here is a video about how the DF2 works. Here is a review on what 6 moons though of the flattener. Apparently not every record will come out perfect or play perfectly. DVF-1 Record Flattener When I first became aware of the DFV-1 Record Flattener, I was excited. When offered one for review, I didn’t hesitate. I wanted to try it. I’ve got a fairly extensive record collection and despite pretty good care, record warps just remain a fact of life for me. Some months ago I sat down for a listen to Pink Floyd’s The Wall and couldn’t believe my ears. A two LP set, I discovered that the first disc had become horribly warped – pinch warped to be exact. While the second disc was close to mint, the first disc was unplayable. I won’t lie and tell you otherwise, I wanted a review sample to repair my precious LP. I love the fact that Furutech has designed the DFV-1 while keeping in mind how precious shelf space is to the average audiophile. A completely vertical design, the DFV-1 can be placed just about anywhere. With a foot print of 19 by 7 inches, there’s no room where it can’t easily be stowed and its 21.5-inch height shouldn’t be an issue either. At 24 lbs, this is one piece you won’t need the help of your buddy to move around either. In use, the DFV-1 couldn’t be much simpler. It comes with a two-piece plug slightly larger than the holes on the LP. Assemble the two pieces through the LP’s center hole and then use it to center the LP within the DFV-1. You open the two spring-loaded latches at the top of the DFV-1, lay the LP inside against the side that flips down and insert the plug into the centering hole and close and latch it up. Switch on the power, wait 5 seconds for the display to, well display, and one touch of the mode button later, you’re in business for a 1.5-hour heating process to be followed by a 2- hour cooling process. The LCD display tells you exactly where you are at in the process at all times. Additional pressing of the mode button allows for additional time in the heating process, to accommodate thicker pressings or more severe repairs. You press the mode once for 1.5 hours, twice for 2 hours and a third time for 2.5 hours. As the LP slowly heats, it’s pressed into shape by two smooth plates of what seems to be tempered glass. Because the hinges that close the DFV-1 are spring-loaded, as the LP softens, the flattening panels are allowed to do their job while the DFV-1’s hinges draw the panels together. Truly a no-muss, no-fuss operation. Furutech even includes white cotton gloves and a synthetic feather duster to keep the DFV-1 clean. You won’t want to press any dirt, dust or lint into the vinyl. In practice, that’s really not all that much of an issue as most of the DFV-1 will never make contact with the precious grooves. Contact with the panels will be made at the center of the LP and the outer groove guard (the outermost raised portion of the LP). The Furutech DFV-1 performed exactly as advertised and I can say that I wouldn’t change a thing about it. It seems awfully well built and as long as the heating elements keep heating, the device should last a lifetime though it’s only guaranteed for one year. It couldn’t be easier to operate and I love the vertical design. Once it’s finished with. Its cycle, the display flashes at you as if jumping up and down alerting you to the fact that it’s ready to play. This thing even emanates enthusiasm! Alas, it’s still an imperfect world. While the run-of-the-mill warps are easily fixed, my Pink Floyd repair was a failure. The damaged LP did get commendably flat, that wasn’t the issue. But while the stylus can track it, the disc will have to be retired. The reason why is fairly easy to see when you think about it. The LP was so warped that if you were to trace the edge of the LP with your finger, it would zig to the left and right of what would be center if the LP were true. As it’s true that the shortest distance is a straight line around the LP — the line traced on a true LP — you can imagine that the distance traveled around this LP was much greater than when true. That added circumference on the circle equates to added surface area on the LP disc. And when pressed, all that added surface area didn’t just vanish into thin air. Something about the geometry of the disc had to give and none of those groves would ever be the same again. The groves were no longer concentric. There was one point on the record where the stylus would shift violently toward the outer perimeter only to be thrown with equal force back toward the spindle again. It wasn’t pretty to watch and sounded even worse. Further listening proved that the treble performance had been shorn from the spectrum. Someone turned off my tweeters – well, that’s how it sounded at least. Clearly, the DFV-1 can’t perform miracles. If you’re as unfortunate as I to have such a badly damaged disc in your collection, it’s certainly worth a try though. There was no playing this LP anyway. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. You could get lucky. For the vast majority of minor warps and concentricity idiosyncrasies say that five times! You’re likely to encounter, the DFV-1 gets an enthusiastic recommendation for working exactly as advertised. Quality of packing: Very good. Reusability of packing: Very reusable. Ease of unpacking/repacking: Very easy. Condition of component received: Very excellent. Quality of owner’s manual: Very sparse as is very common for small Japanese products. However, all pertinent information is there. Website comments: Very full of product information- and Furutech makes a great many products. Human interactions: Very non-applicable. All communications went through Jonathan Scull of Scull Communications as Furutech’s press liaison rather than Furutech and were very satisfactory. The item “Furutech DF-2 Flatten Fix Straighten repair warped records 45 LP vinyl Discs” is in sale since Wednesday, September 21, 2016. This item is in the category “Consumer Electronics\Vintage Electronics\Vintage Audio & Video\Vintage Record Players”. The seller is “cheapgamestuff” and is located in ct. This item can be shipped worldwide.
    Furutech DF-2 Flatten Fix Straighten repair warped records 45 LP vinyl Discs

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