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Beatles 45 PLEASE PLEASE ME Vee Jay 498 PROMO 2 TTs (See $300 Discount)

October 31, 2018 by admin

Beatles 45 PLEASE PLEASE ME Vee Jay 498 PROMO 2 TTs (See $300 Discount)
Beatles 45 PLEASE PLEASE ME Vee Jay 498 PROMO 2 TTs (See $300 Discount)

Beatles 45 PLEASE PLEASE ME Vee Jay 498 PROMO 2 TTs (See $300 Discount)
Up to and including 10-31-18! PLEASE PLEASE ME /. “BEATTLES” incorrectly spelled on label. Not unlike the familiar stock copy; same. VINYL and LABELS in Very Nice Condition! We do not like to list a condition as NM. But this one is in great condition. A rare piece of BEATLES history! One of the best we’ve seen in decades! NOTE TO BUYERS: Because we have more than one location, please be aware. Of the fact that when items like this are originally listed, they can sometimes be. S old at another location. Since all sales are fed into a common networked data. Therefore when making an offer, to be sure the item is still available, please. Make certain that you ask prior to purchasing, Thank You! We make no claims as to it’s condition as anything other than flawed. It should be noted that a RETURN is allowed, ONLY if item had. Turned out NOT to be the. Genuine item issued by. That’s not the. Case here however since this record is. Vee Jay release from 1964. Based upon any particular. Is how this record is valued by most industry experts and fellow collectors. For example, CDs are NOT RETURNABLE. Because they are too easy to copy. Us immediately before any return can be authorized. All items are PHOTOGRAPHED prior to being packaged. Are always special circumstances whereby items can qualify for a return, however one reason that is NOT. ACCEPTABLE is “I DIDN’T LIKE IT”. If you’re not certain, please ask. If the item you receive. Immediately and request a claim for damages. Also, feel free to contact this office as well, and PRIOR to. Making any kind of report to. E B A Y. Buyers and Sellers should work together to settle any issues without involving anyone else. Up to 2 WEEKS. BEATLES pricing is reflective of the latest BEATLES PRICE GUIDES. Addition, our pricing is based. Condition, rarity, and scarcity. That many are now several. And don’t reflect accurate or current market values, regardless of who. Are or what ever their so-called “expertise”. Please feel free to ask any questions or. Please feel free to ask questions and request additional photos. Generally if the item has a. Specification, we maintain that policy in order to avoid. Of experience as sellers of. Collectibles tells us that there are always those buyers. Out there who will critique any record regardless of it’s. Condition and always find the smallest of flaws. Always keep in mind that. That said, we will. Do our best to describe any item as accurately as possible. All others will be rejected. For those unfamiliar with the history of this record, in particular the recording of. “PLEASE PLEASE ME ” as a U. Single in 1963, this recording was pressed as a. 45 rpm record and offered by Vee Jay Records as catalog number VJ-498. Understand that this item is currently in the possession of the owner who is NOT at this location. It will be worth the wait! This is a VJ Promo 45. The label states “DISC JOCKEY ADVANCE SAMPLE” &. Vee Jay Released this to designated Radio Stations here in the. USA on February 7, 1963. It has a “White label” with a “Gray” rim and has. The Vee Jay “Oval” logo with “Thin” print in black. This particular record was. Made by The American Record Pressing Co. Trail Offs have the. The script ARP machine stamped logo. This was the 1st 45rpm record released in the United States to bear the BEATLES name. By Vee Jay Records , it’s catalog number was VJ-498 released on or about 2-7-63. This was the FAB 4’s. Songs were actually recorded back on 11-26-62 at Abbey Road Studios , in London. Vee Jay didn’t even know how to spell the groups name. All of the FIRST issues of this record as well as. Trade publications, incorrectly spelled the group’s name as “THE BEATTLES” as. Indicated on the label. Also, the songwriting credits were listed as J. Also included is the original 1963 Vee-Jay generic “Circular Logo” sleeve. Almost impossible to find! This was one of the RAREST U. 45s ever produced by Vee Jay Records. On or about February 7, 1963. Machine stamped in trail off areas. Is hand etched on. Vinyl surfaces are quite nice. This is a great example of this extremely rare record. More important, is the. Originally Issued in 1963 before Vee Jay decided to move to Los Angeles. Although many records recorded by THE BEATLES have been BOOTLEGGED. This is not one of them. Of the fact that when items like this are originally listed, they can sometimes. Be s old at another location. Since all sales are fed into a common networked. Therefore when making your offer, to be sure the item is still available, please. Price Guides like GOLDMINE are OK for general music, however when it comes to specific “S uper Groups”. Like THE BEATLES , THE ROLLING STONES , and others, they are quite conservative and have a tendency. To grossly undervalue most hi-end items. Based upon the opinions of most knowledgeable experts. And collectors, their BEATLES pricing is generally not reflective of today’s market values. If you’re interested in any VINYL, CD, CASSETTE, VHS TAPE, DVD, POSTER. Or any other item that you don’t see listed, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have. It or can’t obtain it for you. So please let us know. We have thousands of. Items too numerous to list, therefore.. WE WELCOME ALL INQUIRIES! THE ARTIST IS, etc. With respect to a term like AUTHENTICITY, that can only be determined by viewing detailed photos and posting accurate descriptions along. With accepted industry characteristics. Or referring to an accepted industry publication. As for condition of an item, for example in the case of a vinyl record we always do our best to describe it’s play. Surface and post detailed photos to the best of our ability as amateur photographers. D escribing the condition of a vinyl record is not an exact science and is. Based on someone’s visual examination and opinion of the examiner. Industry standards are followed by all of our examiners. Labels are best described by. Posting detailed photos that illustrate defects if and where they exist. As for outer jackets or picture sleeves, we’ll attempt to inform buyers about any possible. Bends, folds, seam splits, writing, tears etc. Photos posted are the best descriptive evidence. They don’t fall under. Standard return guidelines unless there are damages discovered on arrival. As stated in some of our previous auctions, we insist that prospective buyers ask. We also want buyers to fully understand precisely what. In the specific case of Vinyl Records, where we would normally provide a detailed description with pictorial images, examination and. It’s been our experience in over 50 years of. It has become our policy that all items are always “PHOTOGRAPHED & INSPECTED” prior to packaging as a protective measure in an effort to avoid any. This is what we feel is a FAIR POLICY. Or that we are being unfair in some way, please let us know how we can improve. Suggestions are always welcome. Please watch for SPECIAL SALES , or where it applies. Please make your “BEST OFFER”. If items aren’t insured a nd are received damaged, immediately. Make the shipper aware of the damage. Grading “VINYL” records can at times be a bit difficult and is not an exact science since it is based upon someone’s. Professionals differs from what you feel it should be. Filing a claim with. Packaging to insure that. Our description is accurate. Not perfect and once in a. Items with hard to. Through the cracks, therefore friendly dialogue. The best remedy to. Always make an attempt to. That if you are not happy, we have not done our. Thank you for visiting our site! It is important to point out that when sellers on e b a y set a price for any item, many factors are considered, one of. So, when you think that the price listed. Might be higher than anticipated, please keep this added cost in mind. Thank you for watching! ALL ITEMS ARE PROFESSIONALLY PACKAGED! So if you are looking for AUTHENTIC versions of this record. Or a source for any other BEATLES Vinyl Records or CDs. Shop with us here at THE ELECTRIC STORE USA. DON’T PAY UNTIL YOU READ THE FOLLOWING. (Batteries are not included). ATTENTION ALL PROSPECTIVE BUYERS! Thank you for visiting our site. We want to remind everyone that if you currently don’t happen to see what you’re. Looking for here on our site, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have it in stock. Or can’t get it for you. We simply cannot list everything we have all at once. If you’re looking for something in particular, simply send us a written request and. Current inventory includes THOUSANDS of VINYL LPs, PROMOS & 45s. CDs, DVDs, EPs, 78s, Cassette Tapes, VHS Movies, Metal Stampers. And much more in the category that we would like to call “COLLECTIBLES”. Thank you for watching and we look forward. To hearing from you anytime! Specifically to whom the artist happens to be. Also factored in is the physical and visual examination of play surfaces, labels. Outer jacket and the inner sleeve (where applicable) and in most cases when there is obvious issues to the naked eye which. Most certainly affect play. This would be a part of the item’s description. However unless a record is of extreme rarity. And does have value regardless of it’s condition. Their records even when they did have surface issues, however their value in any condition made these specific items. We don’t play. Test every vinyl since we have tens of thousands of vinyl records in stock, making it impossible to play each. The item “Beatles 45 PLEASE PLEASE ME Vee Jay 498 PROMO 2 TTs (See $300 Discount)” is in sale since Saturday, May 26, 2018. This item is in the category “Music\Records”. The seller is “theelectricstoreusa” and is located in Webster, New York. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  • Artist: Beatles
  • Modified Item: No
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Style: British Invasion
  • Duration: Single
  • Record Grading: AS DESCRIBED
  • Speed: 45RPM
  • Record Size: 7″
  • Record Label: Vee Jay
  • Release Year: 1963
  • Language: English
  • Edition: First Pressing
  • Genre: Rock
  • Non-Domestic Product: No
  • Sleeve Grading: N/A
  • Special Attributes: VJ-498 WHITE LABEL PROMO

Beatles 45 PLEASE PLEASE ME Vee Jay 498 PROMO 2 TTs (See $300 Discount)

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