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Beatles PROMO SLEEVE I-903 ASK ME WHY Extremely Rare NM

June 27, 2017 by admin

Beatles PROMO SLEEVE I-903 ASK ME WHY Extremely Rare NM
Beatles PROMO SLEEVE I-903 ASK ME WHY Extremely Rare NM

Beatles PROMO SLEEVE I-903 ASK ME WHY Extremely Rare NM
EP-I-903 “PROMO” Sleeve ONLY. “SOUVENIR OF THEIR FIRST VISIT TO AMERICA”. Issued in June of 1964. This Black & White title sleeve was issued with some later PROMOTIONAL COPIES of the EP VJEP 903. DJ2 as a part of a Vee Jay marketing campaign promoting their EP’s new lower price. ALL AUTHENTIC Original Sleeves OPEN FROM THE BOTTOM and are cut similar to other Vee Jay sleeves. If not, it is a counterfeit. To further plug “ASK ME WHY” , Vee Jay issued an extremely limited number of these sleeves as an experiment. As the decision was made to focus on a single song, it only featured. At single record prices. The sleeve also lists the phrase “STILL ONLY #8 IN SALES”. Although this experiment was a monumental flop for Vee Jay , this is still undoubtedly the rarest and most valuable of of all BEATLES record sleeves. (The exact number of sleeves is not known however experts have estimated that possibly 100 or less were ever issued). As you can see from the photos, although it is essentially and structural in MINT condition, it has yellowed somewhat which would only be expected for something constructed of WHITE paper that is now over 50 years old. There is only a slight hint of the existence of a ring impression from a record that originally was issued with it. It does not show up very well in the photos because when taking pictures of something WHITE , it is is difficult to see and focus clearly, however as a part of our full disclosure of its condition, we felt it necessary to mention this only flaw that does exist. Otherwise it is a GEM MINT piece and will be hard to find in better condition anywhere. It is understandable that “HIGHLY PRICED” items such as this are sometimes overlooked. As possibly being “FINANCIALLY OUT OF REACH”. Where you see the “MAKE BEST OFFER”. Option, always remember it is there for a reason. It always means that A “REASONABLE”. OFFER has a much better chance than no offer at all. So never think that anything. Is necessarily out of reach! MAKE YOUR BEST OFFER! If you’re interested in any VINYL, CD, CASSETTE, VHS TAPE, DVD, POSTER. Or any other item that you don’t see listed, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have. It or can’t obtain it for you. So please let us know. We have thousands of. Items too numerous to list, therefore.. WE WELCOME ALL INQUIRIES! The owner of this RARE piece has always acknowledged that he considered himself. Have always had the. To obtain many frequently. And other rare items at the. Right place at the right time. He has stated that it. Have stated that they have never seen one of these in such fine condition. In fact if you. To see his entire. You would find that all of the items he owns are in this condition. He is as meticulous as. Be in pristine condition, its simply because. Omments are always welcome. Ever be afraid to speak out. Piece and ask questions. We’ve undoubtedly already have heard what you might have. But any comments are welcome. Thank you for watching! BEFORE YOU MAKE AN OFFER WE SUGGEST THAT YOU ASK QUESTIONS. AND/OR REQUEST ADDITIONAL PHOTOS. Herein is all that. Know about this particular item as stated directly from the owner. FACT FYI – ORIGINAL PICTURE SLEEVES WERE NEVER REISSUED. For those of you who are unaware, 45 rpm records from back in the 1960s, in this case those by. THE BEATLES , were originally issued with a Picture Sleeve. Although 45 records themselves. From time to time (not necessarily with the same label variation) , if issued. With any SLEEVE , the original sleeve was NEVER reissued. So, when you see Picture Sleeves. Like this, it was. ONLY one ever issued for this particular recording. Making it quite RARE. Sleeves for RE-ISSUED RECORDS came only in a simple generic record. Company sleeve and was NEVER a repeat of the original. IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PRICING HI-END ITEMS: When sellers price Hi-End items, much. Thought goes into the process of where an asking price might be. Buyers should be made aware of. Anything, there is in some cases, a substantial price one must pay for that luxury. That otherwise might be difficult or impossible to locate. So we ask that buyers always consider. Based upon current market and the investment values of over 50 years of collecting. Price would be the lowest at. Which the owner will be willing to sell. In fixed price format. With the option of MAKE BEST OFFER. The owner will always consider all reasonable offers. Our Catalog Number is BAMW-903-PR-6017A. Please watch for SPECIAL SALES, or where it applies. Please make your “BEST OFFER”. If items are not insured and are received. Damaged, immediately make the shipper aware of the damage. (if affordable and available in your country). Grading “VINYL” records can at times be a bit difficult and is not an exact science since it is based upon someone’s opinion. All items are inspected prior to packaging to insure that our description is accurate. Not perfect and once in a while, items with hard to detect defects, can slip through the cracks, therefore friendly dialogue. We will always make an attempt to. Remember that if you are not happy, we have not done our job! Thank you for visiting our site! It is important to point out that when sellers on e b a y set a price for any item. Can be up to 10% of the Sell Price. So, when you think that the price listed. Might be higher than anticipated, please keep this added cost in mind. All items are PROFESSIONALLY PACKAGED! DO NOT PAY UNTIL YOU READ THE FOLLOWING. ATTENTION ALL PROSPECTIVE BUYERS! Thank you for visiting our site. We want to remind everyone. That if you currently don’t happen to see what you’re looking for here on our site, it doesn’t mean that we. Don’t have it in stock or can’t get it for you. We simply cannot list everything that we have all at once. However, our current inventory includes THOUSANDS of VINYL Albums, PROMOS & 45s, CDs, DVDs. EPs, 78s, Cassette Tapes, VHS Movies, Metal Stampers and much more in the category. That we would call “COLLECTIBLES”. Unfortunately, it would have been impossible to list everything, so if you are looking for something in. Particular and don’t happen to see it here today, simply send us a written REQUEST. And we will be happy to list it for you. Thank you for watching and we look forward. To hearing from you anytime! Specifically to whom the artist happens to be. Also factored in is the physical and visual examination of play surfaces, labels. Outer jacket and the inner sleeve (where applicable) and in most cases when there is obvious issues to the naked eye which. Most certainly affect play. This would be a part of the item’s description. However unless a record is of extreme rarity. And does have value regardless of it’s condition. Their records even when they did have surface issues, however their value in any condition made these specific items. We don’t play. Test every vinyl since we have tens of thousands of vinyl records in stock, making it impossible to play each. THE ARTIST IS, etc. With respect to a term like AUTHENTICITY of an item, that can only be will be determined by viewing detailed photos and posting of accurate. Descriptions along with accepted industry characteristics. Known example or referring to an accepted industry publication. As for the condition of an item, for example in the case of a vinyl record we always do our best to. Describe it’s play surface and post detailed photos to the best of our ability as amateur photographers. D escribing the condition of a vinyl record is not an exact. Science and is based on someone’s visual examination and the opinion of the examiner. Industry standards are followed by all of our examiners. Described by posting detailed photos that illustrate any defects if and where they exist. As for outer jackets or picture sleeve we’ll attempt to inform buyers about. Any possible bends, folds, seam splits, writing, tears etc. Photos posted for possible defects are the best descriptive evidence. Since they are unique pieces. They don’t fall under standard return guidelines unless there are damages discovered on arrival. As stated in some of our previous. In the specific case of Vinyl Records, where we would normally provide a detailed description. Or she suddenly and unexpectedly has an issue. Blind siding we sellers in this manner, will only stoke the possibility for certain dispute and argument regarding. It’s been our. Therefore it has become our policy that all items are always “PHOTOGRAPHED & INSPECTED” prior to packaging as a protective measure in an effort. To avoid any potential disputes. This is what we feel is a FAIR POLICY. Or that we are being unfair in some way, please let us know how we can improve. Suggestions are always welcome. The item “Beatles PROMO SLEEVE I-903 ASK ME WHY Extremely Rare NM” is in sale since Monday, June 26, 2017. This item is in the category “Music\Records”. The seller is “bjimmy9001″ and is located in Webster, New York. This item can be shipped to North, South, or Latin America, all countries in Europe, all countries in continental Asia, Australia.
  • Genre: Rock
  • Style: British Invasion
  • Record Size: 7″
  • Duration: EP
  • Record Grading: No Record
  • Sleeve Grading: Mint (M)
  • Special Attributes: No Bends, Folds, Ring Wear, or Writing
  • Record Label: Vee Jay
  • Release Year: 1964
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Speed: 45 RPM
  • Sub-Genre: British Invasion
  • Artist: Beatles

Beatles PROMO SLEEVE I-903 ASK ME WHY Extremely Rare NM

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